Sector:                                                        Exeter-------------
Date:                                                           1/2.11.1941.
Flight, Squadron,                                         "B" Flight, No. 307 (Polish) Squadron.
Type of enemy aircraft                                  Do 215
Number of enemy aircraft                             Two.
Time attack was delivered                            2215 and 2327
Place attack was delivered                           North of Watchst and SE of Sidmouth
Height of enemy                                           1400 feet and 8000 feet
Enemy casualties                                          Two Do 215 destroyed
Our casualties A/C                                       NIL
 "           "        Personnel                              NIL
Searchlights                                                  NO
Anti aircraft guns                                          NO
Range at which fire was opened in each attack on the enemy together with estimated length of burst.
1st Combat: 1st attack at a distance 60 yards 1 burst 3 seconds,
                    2nd attack at a distance 60 yards 1 burst 2 seconds,
                    3rd attack at a distance 60 yards 1 burst 2 seconds.
2nd Combat: 1st attack at a distance 150 yards 1 burst 2 seconds,
                     2nd attack at a distance 30 yards 1 burst 3 seconds.


Time up 2146 from Exeter, time down 2349 at Exeter. Order received orbit base at 12000 feet.
Clouds 4/10, at 7000 feet, moonlight, visibility very good.
Winkle 45 took off from Exeter and was ordered by Exeter to orbit base at 12000 feet. He was controlled by Exminster from 2202 until 2341. Raid 57 Northbound across the sector was selected as target and when at 13000 feet at 2204 hrs. at T 8146 our pilot was ordered to flash weapon, he obtained A.I. contact at 11000 feet range and 7 minutes later hi sighted E/A 200 yards dead ahead and 300 feet above. Pilot identified E/A by silhouette as Dc 215, exhaust flames were clearly seen. Pilot climbed to the same height as E/A, approached closer and opened attack with a 3 seconds burst from about 60 yards range aiming at port engine and causing it to burst into flames. A few minutes later the pilot gave from the same position another 2 seconds burst also from about 60 yards range aiming at the fuselage causing pieces to fall away from it. Pilot again approached bandit from astern giving a third 2 seconds burst aiming at the port engine resulting in a big explosion and port wing becoming detached. E/A crashed in flames a few seconds later. This is confirmed by S/L post in vicinity.
           Our pilot was then ordered to orbit in the neighbourhood for about one hour at 17000 feet until a southbound rain No, 381 from Wales flying at 13000 feet was selected as target. A.I. contact was established at 8000 feet range at T 7487 at 2318 hrs. and 4 minutes later both A/C dived to about 8000 feet. A.I. contact was followed by visual and our pilot identified E/A as Dc 215 from its silhouette. Our pilot gave a first burst about 150 yards range from astern but without result. Pilot then closed to 30 yards and gave a further 3 seconds burst from dead astern aiming at the fuselage resulting in a terrific explosion and dense black smoke coming from fuselage. E/A then dived vertically in flames into the clouds which were at about 7000 feet. Our pilot did not see E/A crash into sea as cloud was thick down to sea level, but as this E/A was out of control and was burning even more fiercely, than the first, our pilot is absolutely certain that it was destroyed. During both combats E/A did not open fire. Our casualties nil.

(handwritten) The enemy must be II/KG2 equipped with Do 217

There were searchlight, but they did not pick up E/A. A.I. apparatus good. Our a/c was armed with four cannon Hispano-Suiza M.K.II 20 mm and six M.G. 303 One M.G. was unserviceable (stoppage). Cannons and M.G. harmonised for 180 yards. Pilot fired 142 rounds from cannon and 600 rounds from M.G. Standard Reflector sight was used.
             1st combat.
                   1st attack - 1/5 Do 215 in ring sight. Deflection 1/6
                   2nd attack - 1/5 Do 215 "    "      "           "        Nil.
                   3rd attack - 1/5 Do 215  "    "      "           "        1/5.
             2nd combat.
                  1st attack -1/5 Do 215   in ring sight. Deflection Nil.
                  2nd attack 1/6 Do 215  "    "      "           "         Nil.

Pilot saw 4 flames from exhausts pipes of engine, but cannot give any information about markings.

Names of: -
      Pilot Sgt. Turzanski
      Operator Sgt. Ostrowski
      Controller F /Lt. Todd.

Our casualties NIL
Enemy casualties Two Do 215 destroyed.


                                                                 (hand signature)
                                                                  Sgt. Turzanski pilot
                                                                Exeter, 4. 11. 41.