F/Lt. Tarkowski                                                                                                Ref: CC/S.521/INT.
F/O Taylor


A. Night 3/4 March, 1945.
B. "A" Flight, No. 307 (P) Squadron.
C. Mosquito XXX/AIX and Monica V111
D. 2256 hours.
E. Approximately 15 miles W.N.W. of Bonn.
F. 10/10 Strat, cu. 12,000 ft. Clear above. Vis. good. No moon.
G. Nil
H. Nil
J. 1 Ju. 188 destroyed.
K. Nil.

GENERAL REPORT.           
           F/Lt. Tarkowski (Pilot) and F/O Taylor (Navigator) (British) airborne at 2042 hours from Castle Camps to carry out high level patrol in the area 51°40’ N. 07°25’ E. and escort to the main bomber force after leaving the target area.
           They report as follows: -

       "We crossed in the enemy coast 2118 hours WEST SCHOUWEN 15,000ft. On reaching the patrol area at 2150 hours we observed markers followed by bombing at LADBERGEN and shortly afterwards target indicators and bombing at KAMEN. We patrolled North and South at 12/16,000 ft east of the two targets. Many contacts were obtained on the bomber stream. At 2156 hours we saw an aircraft going down in flames through cloud followed by a flash as though the aircraft has exploded on the ground south of Münster. We escorted the bombers on vector 210°/220° at 12,000 ft; then followed the searchlight lanes until contact was regained on bomber stream. When south of Bonn we decided to turn on to vector120°. At 2252 hours contact was obtained at 4 ½ miles range, crossing starboard to port, 4,000 ft above, heading 350°. We turned hard to port climbing steadily and held the target at 3 miles range until we reached 16,500 ft; the target was then slightly below doing a speed of 200/210 I.A.S. and weaving very gently starboard and port. We closed at 240 I.A.S. and obtained visual at 2,000 ft dead ahead and 5° above: we were unable to identify at this rage and we closed we challenged the target with "Bogey, Bogey, Waggle your wings" and received no reply. We interrogated with type "F" and I.F.F. but got no response. We closed to to 100 ft. dead below target and identified by angular tail fin and pointed wing tips as a Ju.188 the enemy aircraft was burning a small greenish white light in the tail fin approximately one third from the top. Throttled back to 300 ft. and as target did a gentle turn to port we opened fire with a 4 ½ second burst and the enemy aircraft exploded with a vivid white flash and the wreckage of fuselage and wings went down in flames. We flew trough thick black smoke narrowly missing pieces of burning debris. The burning aircraft went down trough cloud very steeply and a dull red glow was seen for a few moments reflected on the cloud."

"We didn't orbit the position to verify the result but we fixed the position on "Gee" at 2257 hours at 15 miles W.N.W. of Bonn. The crash was confirmed by a pilot of 151 Squadron."

"We set course for base crossing out 2348 hours over BOLOGNE at 10,000 ft and landed base 0023 hours."

Claim: 1 Ju 188 destroyed.                             (Signed)    signature:    Tarkowski F/Lt. (Pilot)
Ammunition Expended:                                   (Signed) signature illegible             F/O. (Navigator)
S.A.P.I. 20 mm 90                                                                                                     (British)
H.E.I     20 mm 90                                          (Signed) signature illegible F/Lt.
                       180                                                         Duty Intelligence Officer
                                                                                  R.A.F. Station, Castle Camps.
Cine Camera exposed automatically.