S E C R E T.
Personal Combat Report.


A.  Date.                                                                             4/5. 8.42
B.  Unit.                                                                              No. 307 (Polish) Squadron.
C. Type and Mark of own a/c.                                             Beaufighter Mk. VI
D. Time attack was delivered.                                               02.58.
E.  Place of attack and/or target.                                           50 miles south of Bolt Head.
F.  Weather.                                                                         Fine, slight haze up to 17000 ft.
G.  Own casualties a/c.                                                         Nil.
H.  Own casualties personnel.                                            Nil.
J.   Enemy casualties in air combat.                                       1 JU.88? destroyed.
K.  Enemy casualties ground or sew targets.                       Nil.

General Report.

        Friday 23, Pilot F.O. Szablowski, operator Sgt. Gajewski, up Exeter 0200 hrs. taken over by HOPE COVE at 0220. Controller P.O. PRATLEY. Our a/c was brought in from East onto a Southbound raid. Punch was given at 02,50, Judy was given at 02.50 and contact was obtained at 02.51 . Our fighter was then on a vector of 170, flying at 14,500 ft. and e/a was dead ahead and 5000 ft above. E/A was flying at approximately 200 A.S.I., so Friday 23 climbed in a series of steps, falling back of the climb but catching up again in the straight. At 02.54 our pilot got a fleeting visual of e/a crossing from port to starboard, in following it he went off course but his operator brought him back and a minute later visual was regained with e/a 3000 ft. ahead and slightly above. Friday 23 closed in slowly from below and saw four bright exhausts, a single fin and no resin lights since the speed was too great for a Heinkel 111 the conclusion is that it was a JU.88. Our pilot did not open fire until the exhausts were wall outside the 50 mile ring, i.e. considerably less than 100 yds. and give one short burst without deflection. The starboard engine exploded and our pilot had to pull up sharply to avoid flying debris. E/A was seen to fall in flames and was seen burning on the sea. Time of combat 0258 Position D - 4486


                Blips weak at long ranges.
                4 H.S. cannon fired 240 rounds 80. ball H.E.
                6.303 M.G. fired 240 rounds 80 D.W. 160 A.P.

                      (hand signature)                                                              (unreadable hand signature)
                  H. Szablowski. F/O.                                                                  Intelligence Officer,
                                                                                                             No. 307 (Polish) Squadron.