Personal Combat Report.


     A. Date.                                                                             4/5.8.42
     B. Unit.                                                                              No. 307 (Polish) Squadron.
     C. Type and mark of own a/c.                                            Beaufighter Mk.VI.
     D. Time attacks were delivered.                                          i) 01.30hrs. ii) 01.47hrs.
     E. Place of attack and/or target.                                          Start Point. 1) Y2939 2)Y2060
     F. Weather.                                                                        Clear.
     G. Own casualties a/c.                                                        Nil.
     H. Own casualties personnel.                                           Nil.
     J. Enemy casualties in air combat.                                        2 JU.88 destroyed.
Enemy casualties ground or sea targets.                       Nil.


                     Friday 41, Pilot F.O. Ranoszek, Operator Sgt. Trzaskowski up Exeter 23.30, taken over by Hope Cove at 01.18, Controller P.O. Pratley. Our a/e was brought in from West on to northbound raid (no.45.) Contact was obtained at 01.27 hours on a vector of 020, our fighter being at 12000ft. and the e/a 5000ft. above. E/A was doing wide regular weaving. At 17000ft. visual obtained on a/e, four bright exhausts, no resins, believed JU.88 2000yds. ahead. Friday 41 followed three complete weaves all the while closing in, but had difficulty in getting into good position. As our pilot closed, fire was seen from rear turret which passed overhead, but no violent evasion was taken. Our pilot closed to nearly point blank range and gave one very short burst with cannons only, e/a immediately dived away with starboard engine well alight and our fighter only just avoided hitting it. Seen by coastguards to crash in sea in flames 8 miles South of Start Point. Time of combat 01.30.

                   At 1.35 Friday 41 at 13,500 ft. was put on to a second raid also going North. At 01.41 contact was obtained on e/a 5000ft. above at 9000ft range. Our fighter climbed hard to 19000ft and obtained visual on exhaust flames about 1000ft. above and dead ahead. Closing to 150 yards our pilot fired a long burst but saw no results but saw wild return fire. E/A suddenly dived. Friday 41 followed an fired another long burst and return fire ceased, strikes were seen. Hun continued to dive and weave but our pilot got in several short bursts, finally visual was lost but a heavy explosion was seen on the ground followed by fire. Remains of JU.88 found 6 miles South of Kingsbridge; whole combat watched by some coastguards.


A.I. and R/T good.
4 H.S. Cannon fired 620 rounds ball H.E.
6 .303 M.G. fired 300 rounds, 100 DW, 200 AP.


(Illegible signature)

Flying Officer,
       Intelligence Officer,
                             No. 307 (Polish) Squadron. RAF.

(Signature: Ranoszek F/O)

Ranoszek F/O