307 (Polish) Squadron.


Atlantic Recce Intrerception – 9. 12 ˝ 43.


Date.                                                                                 (a)    9.12.43.
Unit.                                                                                  (b)    307 (Polish) Squadron.
Type and Mark of Aircraft.                                                (c)    Mosquito Mk.2.
Time attack was delivered.                                                 (d)    08.50
Place of attack and/or target.                                              (e)    40 miles N.N.W. Herma Ness.
Weather.                                                                            (f)     Broken Cumulus 800-3000 feet. Visibility good.
Our casualties aircraft.                                                        (g)     Nil.
Our casualties personnel.                                                    (h)     Nil.
Enemy casualties air combat.                                              (j)      One JU 88 destroyed.
Enemy casualties ground or sea target.                                (k)     N/A.
Camera Gum.                                                                     (l)      Carried and used.


        I was flying on a dawn patrol and after being given several vectors by the Controller sighted a JU 88 crossing from port to starboard at about ten o’clock 300 to 400 yards. I made a steep turn to port, then to starboard and got on his tail. The rear gunner immediately opened fire, as being in the up, sun position he could see me very well. I held my fire until within 70 yards of him then I opened up with a short burst securing strikes on the port wing. He immediately began to take evasive action thus upsetting his rear gunner’s aim. He then opened the throttle and drew away for about 100 yards. I too opened up and again came within 80 – 100 yards and gave another burst, still from astern and saw strikes on the starboard engine which caught fire. I continued to close, this time to 50 yards and gave another burst silencing the rear gunner and setting fire to cockpit and wing area to the starboard engine.
       The E/A lost speed and I had to pull up sharply to avoid collision. My Navigator watched him go into a slow dive I turned in time to see the E/A flaming in the cockpit and the starboard engine, diving into the sea.
       I made three orbits and saw a patch of oil which was very easy to see from East to West and used my camera again, but from West to East direction, so do not know whether this can be seen on the film. After a further orbit I set course for Base.

                   I claim the JU88 Destroyed.

                                                                                                        Pacholczyk F/O (hand signature)