(A)             Night of 7/8 June 1944.
(B)             307 Polish Squadron.
(C)             Mosquito XII.   A.I.   Mk. VIII
(D)             0126/28
(E)             10 miles South of LEUWARDEN A/D.
(F)              Nearly full moon, clear sky good visibility.
(G)             Nil.
(H)             Nil.
(J)              One JU 88 damaged.
(K)             Nil.

General Report.

              I took off from Coltishall at 2245 hours on intruder to LEUWARDEN. Landfall was made between AMELAND and SCHIERMONNIKOOG and I dived from 2000 ft. and crossed over mainland without encountering any flak.
              I then patrolled the target area from 0045 hrs. without result until 0126 hrs when my N/?. W/O KARAIS, reported a contact at 8/9000 ft range height 1500 ft. on a course of 220 we were flying on a Westerly course South of LEUWARDEN A/D at1000 ft and I turned and closed on the E/A which was flying straight and level, A.S.I. 250.
              I got a visual of a twin engined aircraft at 2000 ft range and on closing to 1000 ft I definitely identified it as a Ju 88.
             I then opened fire with a short burst closing from 200 to 150 yds from astern and slightly to port but no results were seen. I again fired a short burst from 100 yds closing to 75 yds and immediately saw many strikes on the fuselage and junction of port main plane. Before I cloud do or see anything more I was completely dazzled by searchlights which held my aircraft while I dived away to port and I was unable to shake off the searchlights until I was at 0 ft when the searchlights which were fully depressed were very helpful in illuminating the trees over which I flew. At the same time as I was held by searchlights very heavy tracer was fired at us and we noticed white orange red and green bursts coming past Mosquito which however was not hit.
            S/Ls and Flak positions from which this tracer was fired were at HALSWADD and FRANEKER.
Owing to the S/Ls and accurate fire we were unable to look to see if the E/A has crashed and was burning on the ground but owing to the very short range of my last burst I feel sure that the E/A was destroyed and I would like the Assessment Committee to consider whether the claim ought not to be up graded to "probably destroyed" instead of merely "damaged" (as allowed by the Sector Intelligence Officer).
After turning north past LEUWARDEN I set course for home and landed safely at Church Fenton at 0312.

Armament Report.

8 HE/I & 8 SAP/I from each Cannon total 64 rounds.
18 inches of Camera film were exposed.

Pilot                                   W/O K. OLESZCZUK.                                   (hand signature)
N/R                                   W/O KARAIS.                                                 (hand signature)


Distribution:  - 1 copy H.Q. A.B.G.B 1 copy H.Q. 12 Group.
1 copy 307 (P) Sqdn. 1 copy Sector Intelligence Office.