From:  R.A.F Station, Castle Camps.                                                                                  S E C R E T

To:      H.Q.F.C. (2) H.Q. No. 11 Group (2) S.I O. North Weald (1)
           S.I.O. Hundson (1) 29 Sqdn. (1) 151 Sqdn. (1) S.I.O. Manston (1)
           406 Sqdn. (1) 100 Group (1) S.I.O. Swannington (1) Castle Camps (4)


HIGH LEVEL PATROL 51 50 N. 06 00 E.

           1 Mosquito XXX/AIX/Monica V111 S/Ldr Ostaszewski (P) and P/O Bachleda (N) airborne Castle Camps 2026 hours. Crossed out 2059 hrs. Felixstowe. Crossed in Noorwijk 2112 hrs at 18,000 ft. Experienced "Gee" jamming from 0400 E. Reached patrol on D/R at 2126 hrs. and patrolled at 12,000 ft uneventfully until 2141 hrs. Crossed out on D/R at 5220 N 0430 E and in at Orfordness at 15,000 ft. landed base 2255 hrs.
           Weather: Enemy Coast. Layer of cloud 5/10 up to 8,000 ft.
                          Target area 8/10 stratus up to 8,000 ft. Clear above.
                          Visibility good.

HIGH LEVEL PATROL 52 17 N. 05 35 E.

           1 Mosquito XXX/AIX/Monica V111, F/O Brochocki (P) and F/O Ptaszynski (N) airborne Castle Camps 2103 hours. Crossed out at 2116 hours Felixstowe 12,000 ft Crossed the enemy coast but owing to Gee jamming was unable to fix position. Returned on reciprocal track but was unable to pick up "Gee" again so decided to return to base "Gee" fixes were obtained again when aproxx. 60 miles from English coast. Crossed in at Adleburgh 2235 hrs. at 6,500 ft. Landed base 2258 hrs.
           Weather: 5/10 cu. tops 10,000 ft from half way across North Sea to
                          Dutch Coast, thickening to 10/10 cu. inland. Visibility good.

HIGH LEVEL PATROL 51 20 N. 06 56 E.

          1 Mosquito XXX/AIX/Monica V111 F/O Smogor (P) and F/O Luczak (N) airborne Castle Camps 2231 hours. At 2244 hours when crossing out at Aldeburgh at 15,000 ft developed engine trouble and returned to base landing at 2309 hrs.
          Weather: Clear. Visibility good.

HIGH LEVEL PATROL 51 17 N. 06 27 N.

           1 Mosquito XXX/AIX/Monica V111 W/Cdr. Andrzejewski and W/O Kaliszewski airborne Castle Camp 2230 hours. Crossed out 2243 hours at Felixstowe at 12,000 ft Crossed in the enemy coast at 2308 hours Schouwen. On patrol 2318 hours and patrolled at 10,000/14,000 ft. At 0020 hours obtained contact at 4 miles head-on and above: Closed in on target traveling N.W. and obtained visual on exhausts at 1,500 ft; closed and identified target as Lancaster at 1600 ft. height. Left patrol at 0030 hours and crossed out at 0050 Westhoofd at 8,000 ft. Crossed English Coast in at 0115 hrs Aldeburgh and landed base at 0135 hrs.
          Weather: 3/10 low cloud increasing to 5/10 at 7,000 ft. towards end of patrol. Clear above. Visibility good.

HIGH LEVEL PATROL 51 00 N. 06 46 N.

          1 Mosquito XXX/AIX/Monica V111 F/O Nowakowski (P) and P/O Sluszkiewicz (N) airborne castle Camps 2225 hours. Crossed at 2237 hours. Clacton 12,000 ft and in the French Coast 2254 hours, Nieuport 12,000 ft. Reached patrol area 2325 hrs. and patrolled at 12/15, 000 ft NE SW. Heavy accurate flak was experienced in the Cologne area and searchlights attempted to illuminate fighter. Left patrol at 0038 hours and crossed out 0126 hours Neupotr. In at 0150 hours Clacton 8,000 ft. Landed 0205 hours.
           Weather: Clear up to French Coast then cloud 6/10 increasing 7/10 at 6/8,000 ft. Visibility good.