M.I.9/S/P.G. (-) 630
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782361 Sgt. TOMICKI, S. 305 Polish Sqn, R.A.F.

Left: GIBRALTAR 30.12.41.                  Length of Service: Polish Air Force since 1934.
Arrived: GOUROCK 4.1.42                                                                                              



7 Aug
Shot down near

     I was a second pilot in a Wellington Mk II which left LINDHOLM aerodrome at 22:30 hrs. on 6 Aug 41 to bomb ARCHEM. We were attacked by a ME.110 night fighter over Belgium, and my starboard engine was damaged. I was piloting the machine at the time. I took evasive action, but could not get the machine to fly on a level course. I jettisoned the bombs and tried to get back to England. The ME.110 attacked us several times, but did not hit us again. The plane went into a steep dive, and I told the crew to jump.
     I myself landed by parachute about 0045 hrs on 7 Aug 42 near MARCHE, South-west of LIEGE. I landed about 200 meters from the crashed plane and about 150 meters from Sgt. KOWALSKI (S/P.G. (-)631). As I attempted to get to him some shots were fired, so I hid in wood and after some time I walked into MARCHE, where I knocked at the door of a poor house and asked for a bed. I was taken in, but told that I could not stay there, as there were two German soldiers billeted in the house. There were not many German soldiers in MARCHE however.
     The man to whose the house I had gone went to see a friend to get me some civilian clothes. He could not spare me any of his own, as he had only one suit. While I was there a Canadian, who had been a pilot in the last war and has lived in Belgium for 10 years, came and took me to his house. I slept at his house for two nights. I then went to a farm about 4 km from MARCHE, but only slept there one night. The farmer gave me a revolver and a rifle and some ammunition and food and I spent the next two days and nights hiding in the woods, as the Germans were looking for me.
     Someone then came to fetch me and told me that my 1st pilot - S/Ldr SCIBIOR - was safe in BRUSSELS and that I would be taken to him.
     I went back to MARCHE at night with Canadian and slept, where I met an Englishwoman with five children. My instructions were to follow this woman, but not to speak to her. I followed her to a large house in BRUSSELS, where I had a meal.
     There I was handed over to a Belgian and spent a week in his house. I then went to the house of a Belgian woman, who has since been denounced and is in prison.
     I spent four weeks there and then went to a house of another Belgian woman, where I met Sgt. KOWALSKI. From this point my account is identical with his.

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