M.I.9/S/P.G. (-) 1384.
This information contained in this report id to be treated as

P2115 P/O GASECKI, J.S. 305 Polish (Bomber Command) Sqn, R.A.F.

Left: GIBRALTAR 1 Sept.  43.                                        Arrived: BRISTOL 2 Sept. 43. 
Date of Birth: 16 Feb. 19.                                  Peacetime occupation: Student
.                R.A.F. Service: since March 42.                                                                                        
O.T.U. : No.18 (FINIGLEY)             Private address: Polish Depot, Blackpool.
Post in crew: Navigator.                                                                                    


21 June.






22 June.




23 June.


24 June.


25 June.

     I was Navigator of a Wellington a/c which crashed left of REMSWELL on 21 Jun 43. to bomb KREFELD.  After crossing the Belgian coast near ANTWERP, we were attacked and shot down by night fighter. The a/c dived out of control from 18,000 feet., and at 10,000 ft. the pilot gave the order to bale out. I went out third at about 3,000 ft. the other members of the crew were:

Sgt. SZPALINSKI (pilot) - (Killed in crash)
Sgt. FRIED (bomb aimer) - (Believed P/W)
Sgt. RACZKOWSKI (wireless op. air gunner) - (Believed killed after jumping)
Sgt. MAKARSKI (rear gunner) - (Killed in crash)

     I landed in a cornfield 300 yds. from our burning a/c which was totally destroyed. As there was a S/L battery half a mile away, I left my parachute etc. in the field (my name was in the parachute) and started to run N.E. After going only 200 yds. I had to hide4 from German M/C patrol when I could hear calling each other. They kept shouting "RUNDRUNK". After they had passed, I continued in the same direction until 0500 hrs. when hid in some bushes for the whole of the day, keeping a small house under observation. At 2200 hrs. I declared myself o the occupants and found I was S.W. of the village of SCHILDE (10 miles E. of ANTWERP). An hour later a man was brought from SCHILDE who promised to bring someone from ANTWERP on the next day. I was fed and put to bed in a chicken house.

     The man from ANTWERP turned up with a complete set of new clothing, for which I gave him two English pound notes. He then took me to ANTWERP, where I spent one night, while he tried, unsuccessfully, to contact an organization.

    The next day he took me to BRUSSELS by train, where his wife bought me a ticket to CHIMAY. I arrived at midnight and started walking along the main road to the Belgian-French frontier, branching off West, however, to cross it without incident. I carried on across country, through woods, to ST. MICHEL (Europe Road Map, 1:200,000 Sheet 4) arriving at 0700 hrs. and received shelter and food for that day from a man. I left him at 1800 hrs. as he appeared very frightened at having me in the house. After walking South all night, I arrived at CHERY-LES-ROZOY at 0700 hrs. From this point my journey was arranged for me. 

INTERVIEWED by  I.S.9. (W)                                               APPENDIX A -  List of helpers
O.R.S. (Bomber Command) on 2 Sep 43.                                Distribution: I.S.9.
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W/Cdr. Harrison (A.L.O.M.I.9) Lt. Col. Holt.
G.S."I", British Army Staff, Washington, for
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G.S.O.2.G.S. "I"., B.A.S. Washington                                                          I.S.9(d). W/Cdr. Harrison.
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