S E C R E T                      Sgt. Adamek (Polish)                                       FORM 'F'

Sector Serial No. (A)
Serial No. of Order detailing or squadron to Patrol (B)
Date (C) 25/6/41.
Flight, Squadron (D)

Flight:                      Sqdn: 303

Number of Enemy aircraft (E) 4 Me.109E's
Type of Enemy aircraft (F) Me.109E
Time Attack was delivered (G) 2050
Place Attack was delivered (H) Nr. Desvres
Height of Enemy (J) 18,000 ft.
Enemy Casualties (K) One Me.109E destroyed. One Me109E probable
Our Casualties (L) Nil
Personnel (M) Nil
Searchlights (did they illuminate Enemy) (N)i -
Did Shell bursts assist pilot in intercepting the Enemy (N)ii -
If not, were they in front or behind (O) -


I saw three or four Me.109E's attack F/O Strzembosz and warned him by R/T. The Spitfire turned right followed by the Me.109 and I fired a long burst of cannon and machine gun from 150 yds from above and astern. The e/a exploded and went down in a mass of flames. This was confirmed by F/O Paderewski.
A Me109 then attacked me from behind - I made a sharp turn and by pulling up sharply was able to fire. I got into a spin and on coming out of it saw a Me.109E in front of me, and got in three short bursts from 300/250 yards. During the third burst the e/a became completely enveloped in black smoke - seemed to turn on its starboard wing, and then went straight down. This aircraft had standard camouflage but a red nose.
No. of rounds fired: 56 per cannon. 270 per machine gun.

                        Signature: (unreadble)

                      Sgt Adamek (Polish)