Left: The Polish Air Force's colors. In its lower part embroidered is  sentence: "Love demands sacrifice". The other side contains the ancient Polish watchwords: "For God, Honor and Country".


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Some pages, especially data indexes, are periodically being revised.

Feb 5. New picture gallery at the 303 Sqdn site. Go to the 303 story page and check the June 1944.
Jan 6.
Witness account of the tragic death of Tadeusz Jankowski (315 Sqdn) whose shot-down plane killed a Dutch boy.

Nov 9. Spitfire graffiti: Spitfire EN916 at No. 317 Sqdn web site.
Sep 16.
New picture gallery: No 316 Sqdn pilots faces, courtesy of Joan E Barrett.

Sep 6. New picture gallery with photos from Gerard Staniczek's album, the No. 305 Squadron ground crew.
Aug 22.
I continue to improve the site with small corrections and additional info... sometimes few more photographs.

Sep 15. An article on Polish Intelligence Officers, a subject never really touched before.
Jul 26. Twenty two new photographs added to 308 Sqdn Pilot List. There is already 186 pictures; 21 still missing.
Jan 5. With the help of Piotr Hodyra, nearly 50 new photographs of pilots added in the 316 Sqdn and 317 Sqdn pilot lists.

June 18. Two new photographs at 301 Sqdn site picture gallery.
Also, pilots reports after a combat with Me262 in April 1945, at the 309 Squadron site.