Sometime toward the end of 2005 the "Polish Squadrons Remembered" had its 1 million's visitor. That surpasses all my expectations, which I might have had when I started this project during summer of 1999. I doubt strongly that any printed book on this subject would ever reach that many readers. What a world we are living in!!!

     Years ago I wrote: Lately I have been swamped with letters asking me for information on particular Polish airmen serving during the WW2. So far, I tried to assist in these needs, but unfortunately, I am not able to do that anymore. I simply lack time and stamina. Regretfully, I will answer only those e-mails, which directly relate to the “Polish Squadrons Remembered”. This is still actual.

Apart from various publications two places are good to start your research:

Ministry of Defense
Margaret Goddard or 
Monika Helman
Ministry of Defence
APC Disclosures 5 (Polish)
Building 1 (Ops)
RAF Northolt
West End Road
Ruislip, Middlesex
HA4 6NG - UK
T: +44(0)208 833 8603
(They have very detailed records of all Polish servicemen in England during the war);

The Sikorski's Institute
20 Princes Gate
London SW7

(Another excellent source of information)

APC Polish Enquiries

RAF Northholt

Building 28B

Westend Road


HA4  6NG
0208 8338603


Wilhelm Ratuszynski  E-mail: