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On June 8, 1946, the Allies celebrated their World War II success with the London Victory Parade without Polish colors flying and without Polish soldiers present. Among those attending was Abyssinia, Brazil, Persia, Mexico, Nepal and... Luxembourg (?) After having rendered the Allies momentous service, Poles were excluded from this celebration - and in a deceitful way. ( Read more). Although they had fought on the right side, they had lost. A few weeks after the Parade, painted "Poles go home" signs appeared on walls in England. In addition, the British press took an anti-Polish tone.
   They had no free democratic Poland to go back to, and they became an army of misfits in the political jigsaw puzzle that was Europe. Among them were thousands of Polish Air Force personnel, the fourth biggest Ally air force during the war, which had a lot to show for. Still among them, were pilots who fought during the Battle of Britain, and undeniably helped to shift the balance for the British. To some extent, a certain amount of recognition and credit was bestowed upon them, but it was soon forgotten.
   These pages were created with an idea to remind the world about Polish airmen and their significant contribution toward the defeat of the Nazi Germany, the enemy of the free world. I also wanted to preserve - if only on a minuscule scale - the memory of Polish squadrons, as it appeared to me that it is the right thing to do. Although there were many of them and they withheld nothing, the efforts of Polish flyers availed them virtually nothing and history prepared another bitter lesson for them. And I have no illusions that my proceedings as well, will not change this world "where the peace is scarce and injustice thrives", but I invite you to search the site and find many, hopefully interesting pages, adorned with well over 1000 historical pictures.
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