Although this project is far from being finished, already a rather big number of people helped me in its process, contributing often-unique material and valuable advice. I can only express a small token of my gratitude for these people, and least I could do is to mention theirs names, what I do with great pleasure.

Polish squadrons veteran airmen, in alphabetical order:

Jakub Bargielowski (315, 303) deceased in February 2010.
Stanislaw Bochniak (317, 308) deceased in June 2010.
 Stanislaw Boczkowski (301) in Canada
Jan Borowczyk (315) deceased in March 2009.
Jerzy Brochocki (307) deceased in September 2006.
Zdzislaw Buchowiecki (307) deceased in September 2012.
Sewer Buckiewicz (306, 318) deceased in February 2002.
Miroslaw Cempel (315) deceased in March 2010.
Leszek Chelminski (tech. off. 309, 301, 1586, 318) deceased in February 2007.
Michal Cwynar (315, 316) in Scotland deceased in May 2008.
Ryszard Danilo-Sniezowski (307) deceased in January 2009.
Aleksander Dauman (300) in USA
Kazimierz Dziegielewski (304) in USA
Bohdan Ejbich (304) deceased in December 2013.
Frank Roland Elliott
(307) deceased in September 2010.
Rudolf Falkowski (303) deceased in November 2012.
Roman Golicz (300) in England
Mieczyslaw Gorzula (302, 315, 306, 309) deceased in December 2005.
Andrzej Gorski (300) deceased in January 2013.
 Edward Jaworski (315, 317) deceased in September 2012.
Zygmunt Jelinski (306) deceased in February 2006.
Kazimierz Kijak (315) deceased in January 2011.
Werner Kirchner (317) in USA deceased in March 2008.
 Maciej Kirste (308, 315, 316)
deceased in October 2003.
Franciszek Kornicki (303, 315, 308) in England
Jozef Krzywonos (signal officer, 309, 304 and 318) in USA
Piotr Kuryllowicz (317, 315) in Canada
Jan Malinski (302, 307) deceased in February 2006.
Mieczyslaw Matus (302, 308, 315, 309)  deceased April 2005.
Stanislaw Marcisz (306, 315) deceased September 2001.
Michal Michniewicz (318) deceased in February 2002.
 Tadeusz Pinkowski (315) deceased in December 2008.
Tadeusz Sawicz (303, 316, 315) deceased in October 2011.
Elgin Scott (317, 315) deceased in August 2011.
Ludwik Steinke (307) deceased in February 2007.
Konrad Stembrowicz (303, 315, 306) deceased in September 2004.
Kazimierz Szrajer (301, 1586)
deceased in August 2012.
Stanislaw Wandzilak (308, 315) deceased in November 2000.
Jozef Waszak (301) deceased in October 2000.
Janusz Zurakowski
(315, 306) deceased in February 2004.

            There are others to whom we extend our warmest thanks for theirs contributions. They are: 

Alan Scheckenbach, Jacek Skladzien, Joan and Carole Birtus, Mikolaj Lugowski, Annie Derma-Chahwan, Wieslaw Szydlowski, "Ziggy", Krzysztof Tyszka, Lucyna Artymiuk and William Hart in AUSTRALIA;

Wojtek Matusiak, Grzegorz Slizewski, Bartek Belcarz, Robert Przygodzki, Franek Grabowski, Jacek Kutzner, Robert Grudzien, Dariusz Szulkowski, Wojtek Szczepanik, Grzegorz Korcz, Waldemar Ziendalski, Wojciech Zmyslony and Robert Gretzyngier in POLAND;

Nick Najbicz
in RSA

Rick Sztramko, Victor Benz, Mark Uchwat, Chris Szypulewski, John Grodzinski, Liz Kowalczyk and Krystyna Buckiewicz in CANADA;

Fred Todd, Steven Huk, Mark Gaskell, Antoni Drazek, Celia Blair, Dominic Coltman, Danusia Mazurkiewicz, Martin Bond, Wojtek Bernasinski, Collin Mitchell-Smith, Steve Brooking, Simon Roguska, John Kaye, Antoni Lachetta, Barry J. Raymond, Chris Kropinski, Rodney Byles, Stan Grodynski, Mark Roguski and Matt McCarthy in UK;

Philippe Canonne
, Laurent Taveau and Jean Paul Gaillot in FRANCE;

Tony Kears, David Gabbieand and Robert Walsh in IRELAND;

Ian Lesueur from JERSEY ISLAND;

Martin Kösters
, Andreas Charvat, Hans Hauprich and Helge Borgmann in GERMANY;

Philippe De Meulder and Régis Decobeck in BELGIUM;

K.A. van der Heide in NETHERLANDS;

Tomas Studeny and Pavel Vancata in CZECH REPUBLIK;

Claudio G. Meunier in ARGENTINA.

John Wasilczuk, Erica Archer and Ross Jackson in USA.

and many others.

    In case I forgot about somebody, I would like to express my sincere apologies and promise to remedy my wrongdoing as soon as I am aware of it.