5 of February 1943 - Polish Fighting Team formed in Northolt .
13 of February - Unit members arrived to West Kirby for "tropicalisation", ie - injections, uniforms etc. then boarding a convoy, leaving Glasgow on 24th.
13 of March - PFT arrives at Bu Ghara (appr. 250km west from Tripoli).
They became a "C" Flight in # 145 Sqn (under command of S/L Lance Wade) / 244 Wing of Desert Air Force,
17 of March - Start of active duty flying.
23 of March - Spitfires Mk IX arriving.
28 of March - 6 plane patrol intercepted formation of Ju88 with a Bf109 escort. S. Skalski (EN459) & E. Horbaczewski (EN267) shot down a "Ju" each.
2 of April - Four plane, afternoon patrol, shot down 3 and damaged 2 Bf109's.
M.Machowiak(EN361) -1&1 dmg / S.Skalski(EN459) -1 / E.Horbaczewski(EN315) -1 / B.Arct(EN267) -1dmg
4 of April - 6 plane, morning patrol fought Bf's. S. Skalski (EN315) -1 / W. Krol (EN313) -1 / L. Martel (EN361) -1dmg
6 of April - 5 plane patrol in the afternoon "mixed" with Bf109's. E. Horbaczewski (EN459) -1 / M. Wyszkowski (EN315) -1prb / W. Majchrzyk (EN300) -1dmg Horbaczewski's Spitfire (ZX*1) was badly shot, but he managed to glide damaged plane to Gabes.
7 of April - During a morning 4 plane patrol -2 Bf109 were shot down. B. Malinowski (EN300) -1 / K. Sporny (EN267) -1
8 of April - Midday, 4 plane patrol - E.Popek(EN315) damaged a Bf109.
11 of April - 244 Wing moving to Fouconnerie , then, on 15 of April to Goubrine following 8th Army advance.
18 of April - During a morning flight M. Wyszkowski in EN355 was shot down (PoW), combination of AA fire and Messerschmitts. In the afternoon B. Arct claimed 1 Macchi Mc.202 probably shot down.

Group of PFT pilots by EN186.

Left: W/Cdr Rolski (liaison officer) and Machowiak examine a wreck of Fiat CR 42 Falco. Right: F/O Horbaczewski.

20 of April - Flying top cover for Kittyhawks, PFT intercepted appr. 20 enemy fighters (mixed formation of Bf109's & Mc.202's) west of Pantelleria. L. Martel (EN261) -1Bf &1Bf prb. / M. Drecki (EN286) -1Bf &1Bf dmg / E. Popek (EN268) - 1Mc202 / W. Krol (EN313) -1Mc202 / W. Majchrzyk -1Mc202 / B. Arct -1Bf
21 of April - Patrol over Tunis. W. Krol (EN313) shot down 1, and B. Arct (EN315) damaged 1 Bf109's in low level chase of five enemy planes.
22 of April - 244 Wing intercepted formation of transport planes (Me323 Gigant) with an escort comprised of Bf109's and Mc.202's. 6 PFT planes were flying top cover for the Wing.
E. Horbaczewski (EN315) & K. Sporny (EN261) -2 Bf109 each / K. Sztramko (EN267) -1Bf109 & 1 Mc.202 shot down.
28 of April - 6 plane patrol over Tunis & Bizertia. E. Popek (EN315) shot down lone Mc.202.
30 of April - M. Machowiak (EN268) damaged FW190.
6 of May - Last victory for PFT. K. Sztramko (EN286) shot down 1, and S. Skalski (EN267) damaged 1 Bf109's. 
244 Wing moved to Hergla, only 15km from the frontline.
13 of May - Axis troops in North Africa surrendered.

    PFT was disbanded. It wasn't the end though! Desert Air Force Command was so impressed, they asked Poles to stay on in commanding positions with RAF units. Three of them did, with the rest going back to England in July. S. Skalski became CO of # 601 Sqn, E. Horbaczewski CO of # 43 Sqn and M. Drecki a Flight Leader in # 152 Sqn (he was killed in take-off accident in September).