No. 318 Squadron Picture Gallery. Part 1.

Visiting Acre, September 1943. Left: Turek (left), Moszynski, Uchwat. Right: F/O Glowacki on a camel.

Profile courtesy of its author: Robert Gretzyngier

El Quassasin, February 1944: Uchwat (left), S. Buckiewicz, Gaworski, Turek.

Left: El Quassasin, December 1st, 1943. Air Commodore Rayski's last the day with the squadron. From left: F/O Szarzynski, F/Lt Gorniak, F/Lt Moszynski, Air/Com Rayski, F/Lt Berezecki and F/O Gadomski. Right: mechanik, F/Lt Berezecki, mechanik and F/Lt Blaszczyk.

Almaza, September 1943. Located near Port Said, Almaza was the place where the squadron collected its equipment, including Hurricanes. Left: F/O Uchwat, F/Lt Moszynski and F/Lt Blaszczyk. Right: Living quarters of the trio. Notice the tent being pitched in a dugout, reinforced with sandbags.

Almaza. Left: F/O Buckiewicz. Right: F/Lt Berezecki, with one leg in the cockpit of Miles Magister (probably squadron's hack). Behind him is P/O W. Czerwinski.

El Quassasin, December 1943. Air/Com Rayski with the flight he flew.



?, ?, F/O Kon, F/O Buckiewicz, F/O Kalinowski and P/O Nycz.

In the foreground is one of the first unit's Spitfire VCs : MH584 - F. This a/c was delivered in February 1944.
In July that year the a/c was written off following a landing crash by P/O Nycz.