No. 318 Squadron Picture Gallery. Part 4.

The squadron's first muster in Detling. At that point the unit did not have its full complement of pilots.

First from right is the first CO of the 318 "Gdanski" Squadron, S/Ldr Wojtyga.
 Next to him sitting are: F/O Kalinowski and F/Lt Wisniowski (adjutant). In a back row, from right: F/O Turek, F/O
 Krzywonos (signals officer) and P/O Kraszewski (doctor).

The unit's first Hurricanes.

Summer 1943. Here, their fighter planes already sporting a red-white checkers. Some of the ground that are basking in the sun, soon will have too much of it. On right, sitting on the port wing is Sewer Buckiewicz, one of the several pilots that served with the squadron throughout its history.

Typically furnished station's officer room.

July 1943. S/Ldr Walls, Gadomski, Czernecki, F/Lt Gordon, station duty officer, ?, Krzywonos, Uchwat, Stutzman,?. 

As a tactical reconnaissance unit, the 318 had t have an efficient radio section. Above all members of the section; sitting in the middle is its CO, Jozef Krzywonos. Needs info.

Left: Part of the radio section.
Right: Its location. A private house rented by the RAF.

Left: Who cares about some football game! J. Hamankiewicz - later killed in action in 241 Sqdn - and his colleague basking in spring sun. RightUchwat (left), Hamankiewicz, and probably J. Narewski.

In front of the dispersal. Sitting in a chair is the "B" Flight Commander
F/Lt Blaszczyk, later KIA.

4 August 1943. The whole unit's personnel saluting Gen. Ujejski moments before he addressed them. Ten days late, motivated and full of expectations, the squadron left for Egypt.

4 August 1943. With the new CO leading (S/Ldr Wielochowski), the unit's pilots parade in front of visiting brass.

4 August 1943. Gen. Ujejski decorating F/O Gorniak and Sgt Bres.

4 August 1943. Pilots: Sewer Buckiewicz (left), Jan Preihs and Bronislaw Gaworski.

Then they boarded a ship and sailed to Africa. W. Berezecki (left); W. Moszynski and J. Krzywonos.