An entry from the 318 Squadron chronicle.
"We in the Royal Air Force are extremely proud of our Polish Comrades in Arms. 14 August 1944. 
                                                                            Air Marshal Dalbiac Dep. Commander 1st T.A.F."

S/Ldr A. Wojtyga S/L L. Wielochowski S/Ldr Z. Moszynski S/Ldr W. Berezecki.

Sep 1943 Maquebilia (Palestine) Oct 1943 Gaza (Palestine)
Dec 1943 Quassasin (Egypt)May 1944 Trigno (Italy) June 1944 St. Vito-Tortoretto-FermoJuly 1944 Castigliore (Flight "A")Aug 1944 FalconaraSep 1944 Cassandra-Piagiolino-RiminiOct 1944 Bellaria-Forli1945 La Russia-Treviso-Risano (Udine)

6 June 1943 Hurricane MkIC  6 Sep 1943 Hurricane MkII Mar       1944 Spitfire MkV Oct 1944 Spirfire MkIX.


Left: Badge of 318. It incorporates wings with the crest of city of Gdansk.

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