From Wladyslaw Brzozkiewicz's photo album

Pictures courtesy of Jim Brzozkiewicz

Wladyslaw Brzozkiewicz served on the squadron throughout its entire history.
Left: he being decorated by Poland's President Wladyslaw Raczkiewicz. Right: in the cockpit of Spitfire V JH-P.

The unit's Hawker Hurricane JH-R. Probably Ouston 1941.

Above and below. Probably late 1941. Pilots and ground crew enjoying sunny weather in Exeter.
Below: P. Ozyra (left), ?, ?, M. Maciejowski, R. Hrycak, S. Lukaszewicz (leaning on a cane)

Probably Northolt, 1942. From left: ?, W. Lanowski (seating in a Mae West), chief mechanic Urbanski, M. Maciejowski, ?, ?, S. Elmerych and A. Cholewka (?).

Northolt 1942. Marian Cholewka with Spitfire V JH-Z BL690.

JH-V BM422.

JH-N BL544.

JH-Z AD262. Notice a dwarf painted by the unit's logo.

F/Sgt Piotr Hanzelka by his JH-Q W3507

JH-Q W3507 with visible cartoon character painted by the cockpit.

Again JH-Q W3507, this time serving as background for a ground crew bicycle party.

Riders with JH-Y AR431 and JH-V BM422 in the back.

JH-X W3375.

Woodvale late 1942. View the big picture and names here.

Mobile canteen at Woodvale 1942.

Left: F/Sgt Jan Malinowski in JH-T "Hala" BL860. Right: Ground crew by JH-Y AR431. In May 1943, F/O Kierski was killed in this aircraft.

The unit's armourers posing with .303 ammunition belts. Spitfire V was armed with 1400 rounds of this calibre. Visible nozzle-covered 20mm Hispano cannon had 60 rounds each.

Left: Parts of powerful Merlin engine in Spitfire MkV. Number of it's exhaust stacks can unmistakably distinguish that type form later version of the aircraft. Right: Cpl Ryszrad Piotrowski at the redoubtable front of Spitfire Mk LFIX, JH-V.

This Spitfire LFIX MH727, one of the full establishment of brand new Spitfire LF.IXs, received in September 1943.

This new aircraft seemed like popular attraction to be photographed with. Above W. Brzozkiewicz with a fellow ground crew. Notice a semi-gloss factory finish. Below, notice almost a complete lack of usual paint chipping, unavoidable after few flights.

Somewhere on the continent. The 411 RSU ground party. This unit was attached to No. 131 Fighter Wing, and among others, serviced 317 Sqdn. aircraft.