At the end of June 1942, WgCdr Janus flew his personal Spitfire EN916 to Woodvale, where his previously commanded 315 Squadron, was resting from intensive operations over the continent. The Spitfire VB EN916, previously coded RF-J (J for Janus), had been allocated to 317 Squadron (which replaced the 303) moved for his period of rest. As a personal choice of WgCdr Janus, the plane became JH-J. In Woodvale, before Janus flew back to the base of the Polish Fighter Wing at the RAF Northolt, the 315th personnel covered his airplane with messages for the colleagues, thus giving it a temporary and peculiar camouflage. Knowing the plane owner’s easy-going attitude, the authors of the chalked greetings, allowed themselves to draw or write amusing messages, some of which contained adult matter or offensive language. Upon its arrival at Northolt, the Spitfire coverings were read in detail, but it’s unknown whether any response was sent back to Woodvale via some other plane.

(Both above photos courtesy of Valery Benham)

(Both above photos via Wojciech Matusiak)

Above and below the color representation of the EN916 irregular camouflage done by Jacek Jackiewicz.
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WgCdr Janus during his visit to 315th at Woodvale. In the photo he shakes hand with J. Najbicz, preceded by J. Lipinski and B. Semmenrling.