No. 317 Squadron Picture Gallery

S/Ldr Brzezina (in the middle) posing in front of the unit's first Hurricanes at RAF Acklinghton. Notice that the squadron's code JH letter had been already painted, but the aircrafts have no Polish checkers on the fuselage.

P/O Bochniak on top of the JH-B. It is not known whether his accordion playing cheered or annoyed working fitters.

JH-L, V7013 at RAF Acklington in April 1941. Notice the Polish checker placed unusually on the cockpit side rather than on the cowling.

Left: Sgt Kratke leaning against the propeller of one of the 317 Hurricanes. The Polish checker appears on the cowling. Right: The squadron's Hurricane serviced at Colerne.

Detailed cockpit area of the "Hala". In it fitter W. Szarejko.

Above: Spitfire VB, AD140, at Northolt. Below: its color profile.

A field mess celebrated at the unit. Behind the portable altar the famous Merlin engine hooked in a hoist. Notice the Westland Wapiti aircraft on right in the background.

The unit's aircraft being tank-up at Northolt in May 1942.

JH Spitfire with a rather rarely seen letter X, W3375. In front of it are two ground crew and Przesław 
Sadowski (Mae West) between them.

Profile of the Spitfire in May 1942. Notice the unusually small RAF Type C1 roundel.

Above and below: In August 1942 the unit moved to Woodvale for a rest period and inherited the 315's Sqdn Spitfires Mk V. The 315 guys left this a/c covered with chalked funny messages. (photos courtesy of Valery Benham)

F/O Lanowski, probably Northolt 1943.

F/Lt Jaworski by his JH-Z at ALG Chailey, May 1944.

Above: F/Lt Martini in the cockpit of Spitfire IX. Notice the signs of the recent paint job. The squadrons logo is painted over another one, probably denoting the 306 (Polish) squadron. Below: the same officer and his JH-N, which was delivered fresh from the factory in May 1944. Aircraft was shot up by flak on May 21, 1944, and then shot on a week later while piloted by F/Lt Pentz (POW).

Servicing the Spitfire LEIX, probably at one of the first weeks after the squadron moved to the continent.

Spitfire IX at ALG Chailey, May 1944.

The JH planes being serviced early 1945, probably at Grimbergen.

Above and below: the Spitfire IX ML293, early 1945 in Belgium. The aircraft pictured are fitted with slipper fuel tanks what required the 500 bomb rack to be removed. Standard markings and camouflage of the 2 TAF. Notice the lack of the squadron's badge aft the cockpit. On the color profile, aircraft is sporting 250 lb bomb, two of which were hanged under wings.

After being displayed during the exhibition late in 1945, this Spitfire TB581 which served in 317 since May that year, was discarded and then probably destroyed somewhere in Warsaw. Originally lent to the National Museum, this and another Spitfire, were eventually donated to the Polish People Republic by the British.

Spitfire Mk.Vb, BM597
painted in the squadrons colors to which it was assigned in September 1942.

Ludwik Martel, the 317 Squadron veteran reunited with the a/c he flew.