No. 317 Squadron Picture Gallery


Left: S/Ldr Brzezina (left), soon before being replaced as the CO by F/Lt Szczesny (right). Right: President Raczkiewicz talks with S/Ldr Brzezina during his visit to the squadron, with G/Cpt Walter in a middle.

Late 1941. No. 317 Squadron at shooting range.
From left: F/O  Hrycak, F/O Lanowski, P/O Borusiewicz, F/Sgt B. Malinowski, F/O Lukaszewicz, F/O Malinowski, F/O  Koc, F/O Xsiezopolski, F/O Trzebinski, F/O Martel, F/Lt Ozyra, F/O Szumowski, S/Ldr Szczesny, Sgt Domagala, F/O Solak, P/O Janicki, F/O Zbrozek, F/O Bochniak, F/O Kratke, Sgt Kuryllowicz, P/O Bobola.

RAF Ouston in 1941. Flight "A" pilots: Trzebinski (left), Kumiega, Bochniak, Martel, Pucek (partially visible), Sikorski and Wojcik.

There are very many photos of Polish airmen posing with dogs. Nearly all Polish squadrons had their official or semi-official pooch. Seems like the 317 sqdn guys were no exception. The set of dogs at photo taken by the Ouston dispersal (left) looks different than the other one. What was it that made them so fond of dogs?

Seems like in front of the Ouston mess the different object of fondness were often present. Pictured left is Ludwik Martel who had his rival in entertaining pretty WAAF's in person of Andrzej Malarowski (right).

Northolt, Spring 1942. F/O Niemiec sporting a hollow smile, consequence of his recent crash landing when he lost nearly all his teeth. His company are P/O Bochniak, F/O Klawe (308) and P/O Pucek.

RAF Northolt, August 19, 1942. The 317 Sqdn pilots after taking part in Operation "Jubilee". On left: F/O S. Lukaszewicz (holding a cigarette), F/Lt Rutkowski, Sgt Fraczek and Sgt Sztramko. Right: P/O Hrycak (left), Sgt Kolczynski and P/O Maciejowski who shot down that day three german aircraft: Ju88, FW190 and Do217.

Woodvale, December 1942. Left: Sergeants Lewczynski and Hanzelka, both later killed in their aircraft. Center: The unit's chief mechanic Urbanski. Right: Fitter Sgt Tass.

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The squadron's flying personnel in Woodvale on october 31, 1942.
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Woodvale late 1942. View the big picture and names here.

Left: S/Ldr Miksa and F/Lt Radomski (early 1944). Center: Marian Domagala. Right: Wojciech Banach and Stanislaw Birtus.

Pilots and ground crew in front of the officers mess at ALG Chailey, May 1944.

The 317 Sqdn ground crew lines up for a chow by the rudimentary kitchen at Chailey, May 1944.

ALG Chailey, May 1944. On engine Boleslaw Palej. Standing from left: Antoni Wegrzyn, Henryk Knapik, Edwin Malinowski, Edward Jaworski, Wladyslaw Leon Pawlowski, Sergiusz Maciejewski, Tadeusz Owczarski, Zenobiusz Wdowczynski and Adam Kolczynski.

ALG Chailey, June 1944. From left: F/O Jaworski, F/O Hrycak, F/O Owczarski, F/Sgt Fraczek, F/Sgt Zych, F/O Kolczynski, P/O Krzeminski, F/Sgt Wdowczynski, S/Ldr Miksa, F/O Knapik, F/Lt Martel, F/O Wegrzyn and F/O J. Kowalski.

Left: Germany, end of war. Officers of 131 Wing and 317 Squadron. From left: Marian Cholewka, Sienkiewicz, Marian Trzebinski, Adam Jenik, Jerzy Szymankiewicz and Stanislaw Bochniak. Right: W/O Hubert posing with a dog, a popular pet among the PAF personnel. On January 1, 1945, he shot down a FW190 and damaged anther.

Probably Varrelbusch, August 1945. Group of pilots and ground crew during one of the high rank officers informal visit to the unit. At that time, airmen were kept informed about the political situation, and while a lot of rumors were spread around, the first hand news from the PAF headquarters were much appreciated.

Varrelbusch, August 1945.
Standing (from left) are: unknown, unknown, F/O Mackiewicz, F/Lt Szymankiewicz, S/Ldr Niemiec, F/Lt Marecki, F/Lt Cholewka, Sgt Jankowski, P/O Mrozek, F/O Kolczyński, F/Lt Mroczyk, W/O Fraczek. On starboard wing: sitting are Sgt Bienkowski (left) and W/O Rulewski, with F/Sgt Becher and W/O Bartoszuk behing them. Behind the propeller is W/O Jaszczak and unknown behind him. On port wing are: F/Lt Hrynaszkiewicz (left), unknown, F/O Guziak, F/Lt Mach and F/Lt Radwanski.

RAF Ahlhorn September 27, 1945.
Receiving Polish Cross of Valour: F/O Bochniak (left), W/O Fraczek and W/O Jaszczak.