No 316 Sqdn main events

Jan 2. F/O Szymanski KAS, crashed during landing after sortie for a Ranger operation.

  Feb 20. During Roadstead, F/Sgt Mielnicki KIA , crashed near Bradwell Bay.

  Fab 21. Rodeo over Saltzwedel. Sgt Zych KIA ; P/O Dyrmont-Jussewicz MIA; P/O Sosnowski POW . F/O Cholajda shot down Fi156 Storch. The squadron attacked some fuel depot and was mentioned in Dispatches for distinguished service.  Read more.

  Apr 10. During a Circus operation -escorting bombers over to Leipzig – the squadron recorded its last success: F/O Walawski shot down two Me210s; F/O Popiel scored one Me210 destroyed and one probable; then in another skirmish, together with Sgt Sypyrek F/O Popiel damaged three Me410s, while Sgt Tomaszewski damaged another one.

  Apr 19. The squadron escorted bombers over to Munich.

  Apr 25. Ramrod 1554.

  May 8. The VE Day. The announcement unconditional surrender of Germany was declared a holiday, and flying was suspended for two days.

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