No 316 Sqdn main events

     Apr 19. The squadron received new aircraft, Mustang IIIs.

     Apr 28. “Warszawski” moved to a new airbase, RAF Coltishall.

     June 11. Ramrod over the Bremenhaven-Hagen area. Flight A attacked targets near Munster, while Flight B south of Hagen. That day, the squadron’s flying time totaled for 4.5 hrs, destroyed 11 MTs, 3 locomotives and strafed 2 trains. F/Sgt Fusiara KIA ; he clipped his wing over a locomotive which he was strafing.

     June 19.  Sgt Milej KIA during Ramrod operation.

     June 26. S/Ldr Arct took command of 316 Squadron, replacing S/Ldr Niemiec.

     July 1. The squadron became designated for Diver-patrol duties and came under the command of ADGB. RAF West Malling became its new location, which soon was changed for Friston. See Photos.

     Aug 14. Sweep over the Paris-Troyes-Reims area. Near St. Denis squadron encountered German fighters. F/O Cholajda scored one Bf109 and one Fw190 destroyed, while F/Sgt Feruga was credited with another FW190 destroyed. The squadron suffered no losses.

     Aug 26. The 316 Squadron moved to RAF Coltishall and became part of the 12th Fighter Group.

     Sep 1. Roadstead. As a part of the bigger force, the squadron flew to Norwegian fiords north of Stavanger. Lost were Sgt Narloch KIA (engine failure), and P/O Cynkier KIA (shot down by AA).

     Sep 6. Rhubarb – few targets near Roterdam. Sgt Kawinski KIA was shot down by a flak and S/Ldr Arct became POW when he had to bail out due to engine problem. He always flew on SZ-A and that day for the first and the last time on SZ-B.

     Sep 7. Rhubarb - target near Amsterdam. Mission aborted. F/O Przygodzki KIA for unknown reasons crashed at Holt near Coltishall.

     Oct 14. While attacking some ground targets, the 316 was jumped by a Staffel of Bf109s. In result, Sgt Pietrzak destroyed one Messerschmidt.

     Oct 18. Ranger at the southern coast of Norway, through Holland and Denmark. Near Aalborg Poles encountered German fighters (Bf109), engaged them and gunned down five of them. For 316 scored: F/O Walawski 2 destroyed; F/O Karnkowski 1 and 1 shared, P/O Nentwich 1 shared, Sgt Pietrzak 1 and 1 shared and W/Cdr/F Rutkowski 1 shared.

     Oct 26. The squadron joined 133 PFW and relocated to RAF Andrews Field.

     Dec 12. Circus over to Witten. F/O Walawski was credited with Bf109 destroyed, with which he turned for full five minutes. It was the squadron's last aerial kill.

In the year 1944, in the air, the 316 Squadron destroyed 11 enemy’s aircraft while non of its pilots was shot down by the German fighters. 

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