No 316 Sqdn main events

     Jan 20. President of Poland, W. Raczkiewicz visited the squadron.

     Feb 3. The squadron’s logo and its statute were instituted.

     Feb 12. At 11:15 a.m. 316 was scrambled to escort RAF’s Swordfish, which made a futile attempt to stop German battle cruisers (Scharnhost and Gneisenau) at their dash across the Channel.

     Feb 13. The squadron’s pilots patrolled over shipping lines. During the third sortie two Polish a/c collided piloted by F/O Radwanski and Sgt Musial KIA.

     Feb 20. “Ranger” over St. Omer; squadron lost Sgt Kopa, KIA.

     Feb 28. The 316 escorted Bleinheims over to Ostende. S/Ldr Gabszewicz was credited with one Bf109 probable. F/O Gorski  KIA in the Channel’s waters.

     Mar 13. “Circus”. Bostons escort over to Hazerbrouck. P/O Wyszkowski credited with one Bf109 destroyed and F/O Szumowski with one damaged.

     Mar 23. The squadron took part in uneventful fighter sweep to St. Omer.

     Mar 27. “Circus”. Bleinheims escort over to Ostende; Gabszewicz, Piotrowski, Szumowski, Zolcinski and Buchwald each scored one Bf109 damaged.

     Mar 28. The squadron took second place in the 11th Group shooting competition.  

     Apr 1. “Circus”. Bostons escort over to Boulogne.

     Apr 4. “Circus”. Bostons escort over to St. Omer. In result of several fights 316’s pilots scored: Sgt Szymanski one FW190 destroyed and one probable and Cpl Gora one FW190 probable. The squadron lost F/O Jan Muszel, shot down and KIA .

     Apr 10. Great day for 316, which’s twelve a/c took part in fighter sweep over Calais, Boulogne and St. Omer. Nine different pilots scored: Gabszewicz, Gora, Szymankiewicz and Wyszkowski each had one enemy’s a/c destroyed; Gabszewicz, Kiedrzynski and Szymanski each credited with one probable; Dec, Geca and Zakrzewski each with one enemy’s fighter damaged. The squadron’s result was 4-3-3 with no loss. See photos.

     Apr 11. The squadron finished third in another 11th Group shooting competition.

     Apr 12Circus”. Bostons escort over to Hazerbrouck. Sgt Szymanski was credited with one FW190 destroyed and one probable. F/O Buchwald was shot down but not before scoring one FW190 destroyed and one probable.

     Apr 16. Led by F/Lt Skalski, the squadron flew a fighter sweep over Dungeness and Vimereux.

     Apr 17. Fighter sweep over Vimereux and Calais. On afternoon Circus operation, escorting Bostons in a mission to bomb power plant in Grand Querilly.

     Apr 22. The 316 Squadron moved to RAF Heston.

     Apr 24. Fighter sweep. SW of Le Havre, F/Lt Skalski (Spitfire Vb, W3718) damaged a Bf109F.

     Apr 25. In the Hazebrouck area, 316 clashed with two staffel of FW190s. Gabszewicz, Dec and Wyszkowski: one enemy’s a/c destroyed each; J. Radomski and Cholajda each scored one probable; Wyszkowski one FW190 damaged. While scoring 3-2-1, 316 suffered no losses.

     Apr 27. The squadron flew two uneventful fighter sweeps over Gravelines, Lille and St. Omer, and repeated the same routine the very next day.  

     Apr 28Rhubarb”over to Hardelot. Poles encountered the enemy and scored: Gabszewicz and Sumara each destroyed one FW190; Kiedrzynski one damaged.

     Apr 30Squadron’s two 12 a/c sorties: Circus” with Bostons to Le Havre and Fighter sweep in the Abbeville area.

     May 3. Fighter sweep over Dunkirk -Hardelot-Calais. SW of Calais 316 skirmished with some Focke-Wulfs. P/O Jaworowski destroyed one; F/Lt Skalski had one probable and Sgt Kiedrzynski one FW190 damaged.

     May 5. Fighter sweep over Dunkirk -Hardelot-Calais. Some 10 miles E of Hardelot, Poles spotted and attacked several FW190s. Sgt Kiedrzynski destroyed one while S/Ldr Gabszewicz damaged another.

     May 6. In the Calais-Cap Gris Nez area, during a fighter sweep, Gabszewicz, Radomski and Walendowski shared one FW190 shot down.

     Jun 5. Fighter sweep over Dieppe-Rouen-Le Havre. F/Lt Krol scored one FW190 destroyed and P/O Samofal one probable. S/Ldr J. Zurakowski posted to take over the command. See photo.

     Jun 30. The squadron was relocated to RAF Croydon.

     Jul 16. The Polish Armed Forces C-in-C, General Sikorski visited 316 Squadron.

     Jul 30. The RAF Hutton Cranswick became the squadron’s new base. (Aerial activity consisted of flying mostly various training flights and patrols)

     Aug 16. The unit's Technical officer, Medial Officer, Intelligence Officer, 23 pilots and 67 other rank personnel, where attached to Kirton-in-Lindsey, the reinforced that sector, after temporary relocation of No. 303 Sqdn.

     Aug 28. During busy training day. Probably due to pilot's error, P/O Balon crashed into sea at Sewerby, near Bridlington.See photos.

     Sep 19. At 8:30 a.m. the squadron took off for Circus operation. Due to weather conditions, the mission was aborted near the Dutch coast.

     Oct 9. In a 12 a/c strength, the 316 took part in an uneventful, offensive Sweet near the Dutch coast.

     Nov 8. Led by S/Ldr Zurakowski, 12 Spitfires took part in 11 Group operation, escorting bombers to France. No enemy a/c or flak were encountered.

     Nov 21. A section took off for "Rhubarb" at the Dutch coastal area. P/O J. Szymankiewicz, P/O Karnkowski, F/Sgt Lipiec and F/Sgt Gallus, attacked ground targets, and returned safely.

     Dec 20. At 8:45 a.m. 12 a/c (S/Ldr Zurakowski, F/Lt Kozlowski, F/O Dec, P/O Piotrowski, P/O Prochnicki, P/O Litak, P/O Cholajda, F/Sgt Gora, Sgt Sztuka, Sgt Szymanski, Sgt Bartlomiejczak and Sgt Plenkiewicz) took off for West Malling, where mid-landed and later joined No. 303 Sqdn in diversionary Sweep over France. Enemy did not engaged the Poles.

     Dec 31. S/Ldr M. Trzebinski took over the command.

The 316 Squadron ended the year 1942 with the score of 18 enemy’s a/c destroyed, 17 probable and 12 damaged.

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