ALG COOLHAM - Spring 1944

After morning flying and before lunch. When "Dziubek" is talking everybody listen. 
From left: Nowosielski, Cwynar, Stefankiewicz, Haczkiewicz, Smidowicz, Kliman, Horbaczewski, Polak, Calinski (killed in the flight from Coolham), Slon and A. Czerwinski.

From left: F/Sgt Korczowski (armourer), F/Lt Schmidt, P/O Haczkiewicz and F/Sgt B. Czerwinski.

Waiting for CO's briefing. Contrary to the common practices in RAF, officers had down to the ground relationship with NCOs. Laying on the ground (far left) is F/Lt Schmidt, next to him is F/Lt Marciniak and F/O Kirste. Sitting on a chair is P/O Smidowicz. 


S/Ldr Horbaczewski demonstrates something to what F/Lt Marciniak and F/Lt Stefankiewicz are not paying attention?

F/S Bargielowski taxiing in PK-F (FB145), in which he later shot down two FW190s (June 12).
On the same a/c two more kills were
scored: F/O Polak, two Bf109s on June 24.
Watching are P/O Galinski i S/L Horbaczewski.

The 315's mechanics, quiet heroes of every squadron. Hard, demanding work took most of their time.
The leisurely moments were few, like the one above, in a rustic scenery.

This four puppies set on this aircraft soon before it was shot down, its pilot killed.
Painted above the squadron's logo is his nickname: "Mysza" (mouse), which belonged to F/Lt Stefankiewicz. 

Some 315 ordnance. These 500 lbs bombs were often adorned with appropriate slogans.
The note on the bomb on right says: 'Mary, don't forget about Adolf!

Every move to a new Advanced Landing Ground, required a lot of organizing However, aircraft maintenance was priority and before makeshift workshop were established, work had to be done out in the fields.

Notice the markings on the tractor: 84 TAF 133 Wing.

This picture shows that arming aircrafts with bombs was not the process requiring sophisticated devices.

Above: Polish fitters working on a Merlin engine. Lack of the logo indicates that this a/c was probably flown by the 129 Squadron.