During the afternoon on April 9, 1945 about 50 bombers were sent to bomb shipyards and harbour facilities at Hamburg. 29 jet fighters of JG 7 took of to intercept. The German pilots claimed 4 Lancaster in spite of heavy defensive fire and 1 Thunderbolt P-47. 
The  Polish Fighters claimed their kills  during that fight unfortunatelly JG 7 losses in that area are unknown. German reports only confirm that Lt Hans-Dieter Weihs (3./JG 7) made an emergency landing in Dessau after combat but Dessau is 350 km far from Hamburg!

F/O A.D. Woodcock of No 64 Sqn also claimed that day an Me 262 badly damaged southwest of Hamburg while flying a Mustang III.  

F/LtMieczyslaw Gorzula
Barely flew away from the target when the handset headphone hear:
- Hello, escort leader ! Hello, escort leader ! Here bomber leader, some jet job about. Over !
I've anxiously penetrated the space in front of me, to the sides and rear. The formation of bombers fired green flares - one , two, three. Oh! Germans are in the air and attacking! Orders appeared one after the other: drop tanks! Then, about a mile and a half, I noticed six aircraft that dived at the bomber formation from the altitude advantage. I've strangled the Mustang , I increased the engine speed boost and ordered my squadron to head toward the attackers. When the distance between us has decreased, I recognized the German jets, twin-engine Me-262s.
After the attack the Germans began to squirm. One of them, perhaps intoxicated by victory, because one of the bombers got some smoke and descend to the ground - separated from their formation and also began to descend ...
More speed and more boost and I'm almost at him, at his back and top. Speedometer indicator has already exceeded 500 miles, and the distance between us has decreased to 1,000 yards. Mustang was trembling all over, his engine howled at full speed. I need to get closer - I thought - even closer, but it 's so hard, because this jet was very fast. I felt that he run away if I won't manage now to a distance shot ...
I pulled the stick a bit up and pushed Boost up to the end of the lever to extract all of the Mustang, who already begged off...
I put the adjustment carefully and gave the first burst, then the second ... German pilot slightly reduced the speed rate. Then I've slammed the third burst... I noticed an explosion in the hull jet and powerful flash. Immediately after, the hull as if it was cut off, pulled away, and the pilot tried to jump of the plane but the engine and cabin collapsed into a tailspin.
The pilot tried to save himself with a parachute. Figure it loomed just off -wing . He had run a parachute, but at that moment the parachute caught flames.

F/Lt Mieczyslaw Gorzula during photo session after 309 succes with Me262.

W/O Antoni Murkowski
I was a lead of section in the blue key. On the way back from the target we met a group of bombers, we were at an altitude of over 6,000 meters. After the turn I noticed at the bottom of about a thousand feet eight jet fighters - Those were German Me-262s. Immediately I dropped both suspended tanks and dove toward the Germans trying to stealthy attack the bombers from below. At the same time I've informed (by radio signals) about it my fellow pilots.
I attacked the closer one, which I did not notice until I approached him at a distance of about 600 meters. Then German pilot swung sharply to the left. I gave him a fire at an angle of 90 degrees, decreasing to 40 degrees, finished firing line of the tail. The right wing fell off from Me-262, the plane go corkscrew and fell like a stone, down to earth.
Right after I pulled up and approached the bombers. I noticed the next two Me-262s. This time I opened fire from about 600 yards. I found a hit in the area of chassis and tail, but he flew away and escaped in dive. I saw the attack of Pilot Captain Mencel on the another Me-262, which hit, ME nose-dived into the ground at an angle of about 60 degrees, hit the ground and exploded.
Report: One Me-262 shoot down and one Me-262 damaged.

Sgt Antoni Murkowski (2nd from right) while serving with 316 Sqdn.

F/Lt Jerzy Mencel
In command of yellow key in 309 Squadron. While on the way back from the right side of bombers, I noticed a Me-262 some eight meters above bombers who attacked the rear of the top, then the bottom left. I've dived through an array of Lancasters and attacked enemy jet. He noticed me, made a deep bend to the left, then to the right and began to dive. I was already on his tail in approximately 600 meters, I opened fire at him and chased him from a height of 5000 to 2000 meters, constantly shooting. Last burst resulted in dark smoke from ME262 hull, the pilot rolled the plane on his back and fell to the ground. Sergeant Murkowski assisted me and has seen the end of damaged Messerschmitt. I submit Me-262 shot down.

F/Lt Jerzy Mencel DFC. He flew 104 combat sorties over German-held territories.

The Mark Postlethwaite's painting depicting Me-262s of I/JG7 attacking a formation of Lancaster bombers heading for Hamburg on 31st March 1945.

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