No. 309 Squadron Picture Gallery

: New and old equipment in 1942 During conversion to Mustang the unit flew both type of aircraft. Center: S/Ldr Maciej Piotrowski. Right: F/Lt Tadeusz Zeligowski, the unit's Intelligence Officer.

Left: Same occasion. The sanitary conditions at the station were not great, but adequate. It is safe to assume that the Officer’s Ablution sign on the wooden planks door certainly do not refers to some religious ceremony.
Right: The 309 pilots. Needs info. (Chris Szypulewski)

RAF Peterhead, November 1944. Group of the 309 pilots. Picture taken during the visit of the PAF Film Unit.

Some of the 309 Mustang pilots (from left): F/O Karol Jeasche (is it just me or you also see the striking resemblance to Stan Laurel?); F/Lt Jerzy Mencel; F/O Z. Lewandowski; F/Lt Franciszek Kubica KAS

Left: A flight of the 309 Mk I Mustangs. Notice the position of the painted Polish checker sign; later the unit ground crews painted it in a different place.
Right: F/O Sliwinski. After the war he return to Poland, was wrongly charged with a state treason and executed in 1946. 

Left: F/Lt Gorzula with his "Jean". Right: F/Lt Polek in full flying gear.

F/O Kaminski (left) and F/Sgt Murkowski.

Becoming a purely fighter squadron the unit's pilot roster was almost entirely changed.  The unit's CO with flight commanders: F/Lt Klawe (left), S/Ldr Glowacki and F/Lt Birtus.

Left: F/Lt Stankiewicz. Center: Sgt Lenik the unit's radio fitter. Right: 309 Mustangs at RAF Coltishall; notice the base code letters: CS.

Left: Rare color photograph of the unit's mustang.
Right: an afterwar photo of F/Lt Polek.

Above and below: The squadron's Mustang lined up at Drem (Scotland) in December 1944. The squadron badgehave not yet been painted on. It did not appear until late in the war. These Mustangs are interesting because they were fitted with louvers over the intakes on the nose which are usually seen only on RAF Mustang Mk IVs.

Drem, December 1945. Characteristically for the 309, the checkerboards were painted close behind the spinner's band.

16 July 1945. Andrews Field.
Old and new CO sitting in front of the group of 309 pilots: S/Ldr Glowacki (right) and S/Ldr Pietrzak.
Standing are: (from left) Sgt Hanka, F/Lt Klawe, F/Lt Haczkiewicz, Sgt Kogut, P/O Czerni, Sgt Loska, Sgt Eisenbach, F/Sgt Godlewski, Sgt Zaufal, F/O Stankiewicz, W/O Murkowski, P/O Turek, ?, ?, ?. First from in the back is F/O Wisniewski, between Stankiewicz and Murkowski is F/Lt Birtus.

Above and below: A fine studies of Mustang III, WC-X, FZ124. Spring 1945.

No. 309 squadron. Probably September 1945.
Front row, from left: F/Sgt Swiecicki, Sgt Sulikowski, W/O Murkowski, Sgt Kogut and Sgt Podolski. Second row: F/O Stankiewicz, F/O Budzik, F/Lt Lewis (British), F/Lt Polak, S/Ldr Pietrzak, F/Lt Birtus, F/O Cutting (British), F/O Gierycz, F/O Mozolowski and P/O Turek. Back row: P/O Lewandowski, Radkiewicz, F/O Krus, P/O Czerni, F/Lt Zielonka, F/O Jaeschke, Zaufal, F/Sgt Godlewski, F/Sgt Gallus, Zagloba, Sgt Eisenbach, Sgt Loska, W/O B. Czerwinski and F/O Wisniewski. Far back: Hanka and Kulecki.

The wreck of Mustang III, KH484, WC-H, which was force-landed by W/O T. Wisniewski - stands on the wing - on January 16, 1946. The cause of the crash was engine failure. (right-side photo courtesy of Edward Good)

Left: Andrews Field, late summer 1945. Second from right is F/Lt Birtus. Right:
Group of the unit's unidentified ground crews.

RAF Andrews Field, sometime in 1945. A pair of silver (no camouflage paint) Mustangs taxiing for take off.

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