No. 309 Squadron Picture Gallery

Personnel of the Flight "B". Dunino. December 1940.
Airmen: 1. Witold Miniszewski 2. Maciej Piotrowski 3. Waclaw Szypulewski. 4. Eugeniusz Rajewski. 5. Jan Lemieszonek. 6. Aleksander Lukinski. 7. Jerzy Golko. 8. Henryk Wojtkiewicz 9. Jozef Kotarba (ground crew chief) 10. Mieczyslaw Bedzinski 11. Tadeusz Ciula (Chris Szypulewski)

Another picture of the same group. (Chris Szypulewski)

Needs info. Kneeling on extreme left is Sgt Henryk Wojtkiewicz. (courtesy Anita Foster)

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Left: Renfrew, early 1941. S/Ldr Pistl (left), F/O Sawicki and unknown. Right: Double Browning machine guns installed on a Lysander. (Chris Szypulewski)

Left: Sgt Henryk Wojtkiewicz posing by Lysander's 870-hp Bristol Mercury, nine-cylinder radial engine (courtesy Anita Foster)
. Right: Pilot, Sgt Waclaw Szypulewski standing by the Polish Lysander's tail section (Chris Szypulewski).

Left: Renfrew, April 1941. President Raczkiewicz visit the unit. Right: Renfrew. Group of airmen. Notice that the Lysander in a back lacks a Polish checker painted on a fuselage. Needs info. (Chris Szypulewski)

Left: The squadron's Lysnader on a patrol over the east coast of Scotland (Chris Szypulewski). Right: Lysander wing shape. (Chris Szypulewski)

Left: Renfrew, Christams Eve 1940. Needs info. Right: Renfrew, March 1941. Some of the 309 personnel. Needs info.

The squadron's Lysanders. The one on the left has no code letters painted.

(Jan Koniarek - "Polish Air Force 1939-1945", Squadron/Signal Publications)

Left: Dunino, May 1941. Raising of the PAF color at the airfield. Right: Dunino, summer 1941. The 309 signal officer's truck. As an army-cooperation squadron, the 309 had to rely heavily on good radio contact. An Army officer was usually present, coordinating the ground and air action. First on left is F/O Krzywonos, the unit's signal officer at that time.

Dunino, June 1941. On of the 309 Lysanders.
Clearly visible are small bomb racks mounted on the aircraft's fixed undercarriage.

Left: Dunino's bosky billets. Most of the 309 personnel lived in those tents for over a year. Right: Some of Dunino's infrastructure and equipment in winter scenery, early 1941.

Dunino, June 1941. Chow line-up.

Left: Summer 1941. The 309's sylvan place of worship. Right: Polish Lysander drops a practice bomb at the Dunino's neighboring range.

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