Taking care of the No. 305 Polish Squadron Mosquitoes
From the album of Gerard Staniczek, ground crew of the unit.
Photographs courtesy of Edouard Staniczek.

AC1 Staniczek peeking out of the fuselage of this Mosquito FBVI.

Gerhard Staniczek posing by TA534. This aircraft, like several others, was sold to Yugoslavia. In the background SM-H, SZ978. Notice different camouflage patterns.

The same a/c. Gerhard Staniczek stands on a ladder. The PSP (Pierced Steel Plank) for a runway suggests that it was one of those temporary (ALG) airfields, probably Cambrai-Epinoy.

Apparently, the multitude of airfield smells did bother these fallow-deer, what must have brought a little serenity around those effective war machines, which were Mosquitoes.

Above and below. group of unidentified 305 ground crew. Any info welcomed.

The unit's ground crew - notice the squadron's badges at uniforms - by what appears to be an all silver aircraft. An interesting cartoon character by the cockpit and no Polish checker. Most probably picture taken at Wahn, near Cologne in 1946.

Place and time unknown. Gerard Staniczek, back row first on left. The rest are unidentified. Info welcomed.