Photographs from Jozef Krzywonos' album.

Left: the station flag post. PAF's and RAF's colors flying side by side. Right: The 304 members looking down the cliff at the end of main runway, where the remnants of Wellington HX 384 were being searched after it fail to take off on 12 August 1942, killing F/O Siuzdak and his crew. Arrow pointing at OC, W/Cdr Czetowicz

Above and below: one of the squadron's crews after a patrol sortie. Fourth from left stands F/Sgt Stanislaw Franczak 793794.
Needs farther info.

Left: Briefing room. F/O Jozef Krzywonos in a middle. Right: Navigator Kawa's crew. Picture taken on 25 March 1943. Needs info.

Wellington Mk.IC in front of the main hangar.

Nissen huts. The whole England was pockmarked by these ugly but very cheap constructions. Standing second from right is the squadron's signals officer, F/O Jozef Krzywonos.

T - DV597, before takeoff.

Left: F - R3212, still in the Bomber Command camouflage. Right: A group of the 304 personnel in front of the station's office, right after receiving a weekly pay.

F/O Edward Zarudzki. His crew was credited with a U-boat probably sunk. 

Left: Christmass Eve of 1942. needs info. Right: The unforgiving end of RAF Dale's runway.

A lively discussion after an encounter with FW200. In a middle witout a hat is W/Cdr Pronaszko.

Left: A pair of these Pegasus XVIII engines powered the squadron's Wellingtons. Right under propellers always seemed like a good place for taking a picture. Right: The radio section at work. Notice a multitude of pebbles or rocks on tarmac.

The squadron was not only the airmen. Many ground crew were needed for the unit to operate.
 Left: F/Lt Zieba and two ground crew by the "R" machine. Right: the 304 mechanics at work. Looks like a fuel line are being inspected or reworked.

One of the squadron's Wellington ICs.
Visible propeller points to the Polish sign which reads: "UWAGA NA SMIGLO" - watch for propeller.