304 SQUADRON Picture gallery



Jan Biały

Piotr Dudzinski

Stanislaw Poziomek

Kazimierz Czetowicz

Mieczyslaw Pronaszko

Czeslaw Korbut

Jerzy Kranc

Stanislaw Zurek

RAF Lindholme. Left: Wellington Mk I being bomb up before mission. Right: The unit's CO, W/Cdr Bialy in flying gear.


Stefan Galazka
In 1945 pilot of the Wellingtons.

Jozef Apanasewicz
50 ops flights as a wireless operator.
VM, CV+3bars.

Bronislaw Ajdukiewicz
50 ops flights as a navigator.

Czeslaw Kolosowski

Leon Kowalczyk

Jan Walentowicz

Wlodzimierz Braun

Stanislaw Garstka

Zygmunt Sokolowski
Navigator. VM.

Marian Szczodrowski

Left: W/O Henryk Bohatkiewicz, CV+bar. 50 ops flights as a wireless operator. Right: RAF Dale 1943.

RAF Dawidstow-Moor. August 13, 1943 - Polish Soldier's Day.
The squadron's CO reporting to the visiting president of Poland Wladyslaw Raczkiewicz.

Same day and place. The ceremony of hoisting the flag, preceding speeches and presenting the unit's members with decorations.

Same day and place.

Same day and place. W/Cdr Czetowoicz conversing with the President.
(All four pictures courtesy of Wojtek Szczepanik)

RAF Chievor. 25 April 1944, the Squadron's Day.
Left: Visitng Gen. Izycki talks with the station OC. In a background white painted Wellington X. Right: Part of the celebration in a hangar. Polish Air Force color lowered during a moment of silence honoring fallen comrades.

RAF Chievor. 25 April 1944, the Squadron's Day.

RAF Chievor. 25 April 1944, the Squadron's Day. Gen Izycki talks to the crew before the scheduled ops.

On of the crews before a flight in this 304 Squadron's Wellington MkX. Needs info.

On 23 August 1946, this Halifax QD-C, PP232, piloted by F/Lt Dabrowski crashed during a training flight. Cause of the accident, which happened near Lawshail Green (Suffolk) was defined as a pilot's error. Except the pilot, killed were F/Lt Matylis and F/Sgt Michalak. The right picture shows a burial party at the Newark cemetery. With its transfer to the Transport Command the unit was assigned new code letters: QD, previously NZ.

The Handley Page Halifax VIII, QD-C, at RAF Faldingworth in 1946.

Another 304 Squadron Halifax, QD-H, probably at the same time and place.