"Throughout the years of struggle, in good times and bad, you have stood by us and shared with the Royal Air Force their losses and their victories. 
    The Council would ask you to convey to the officers and other ranks of the Polish Air Force their admiration for their indomitable courage in the air and for their industry and skill on the ground.
    They trust that the comradeship which has grown up between the Air Forces of Poland and Great Britain will prove a lasting bond and that their exploits may have laid the foundations of an enduring peace."

                                                            The Rt. Hon. Lord Vansittart Pc, GCB, GCMG, MVO.

23 Aug 1940 J. Bialy22 Dec 1940 P. Dudzinski 14 Nov 1941 S. Poziomek16 Aug 1942 K. Czetowicz28 Jan 1943 M. Pronaszko19 Nov 1943 C. Korbut11 Apr 1944 J. Kranc3 Jan 1945 J. Zurek
 23 Aug 1940 Bramcote (Warwick)1 Dec 1940 Syerstone20July 1941 Lindholme (Yorks.)14 May 1942 Isle of Tiree13 June 1942 Dale (Pembr.)? Nov 1942 TalbennyDec 1942 Dale30 Mar 1943 Docking (Norfolk) 10June 1943 Dawidstow-Moor (Cornwall) 20 Dec 1943 Predannack (Cornwall) 19 Mar 1944 Chivenor (Devon)19Sep 1944 Benbecula (Hebrides) 5Mar 1945 St. Eval (Cornwall) 6 June 1945 North Heald ? Nov 1945 Chedbourgh
22 Aug 1940 Fairey Battle Nov 1940 Wellington IJune 1943 Wellington IA, IC,XI, XIII, XV 1 Jan 1946 Handley Page Halifax VIII.

         Left: The 304's badge.

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