From Konstanty Makosz photo album.
Part 1.


All photographs are from the collection of Konstanty Makosz (above, at 58 OTU), who flew with No. 302 Squadron. On June 30th, 1943, flying spitfire V EP516, he was shot down over Brittany and taken POW. After the war he settled in Argentina, then in Canada. All photographs are courtesy of Andy Makosz. All additional information is most welcomed.

From left: unidentified, Wladyslaw Gretkierewicz, Ignacy Czajka, and Mieczyslaw Jaszczak.

On the wing of this WX-H standing is Tadeusz Kwiatkowski. Directly in front of him, in sheepskin, is Wienczyslaw Baranski. On far right, probably Kazimierz Kobusinski.

Summer 1943. Sgt. Stanislaw Lucyszyn in WX-J (W3631). He was credited with one probable FW190 in June 1943.

Spring 1943. Stefan Nosowski in the cockpit of WX-J, W3518.

Probably summer 1943. The unit's ground crew. Standing from right: Jan Nyga, Stefan Pyssa, and Władyslaw Pruss. The rest are unidentified. Later that year, W. Pruss became a flight engineer and was killed flying in Lancasters, in April 1944.

Fom left: Stanislaw Lucyszyn, Kazimierz Kobusinski, and Kazimierz Benzinski.

Probably summer 1943. Another group of groundcrew. Hugging the propeller of this WX-K (probably AB872) is Stanislaw Dzialowski. Standing on right is Piotr Skrzypczak.


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