My first contact with the pilots of the Polish Air Force was in 12 Group of Fighter Command in September 1940 when I was based  at Duxford. The 302 Polish squadron joined us there...
    ...As the years gather memories linger and it is always the gay times that one recalls. So far as we were concerned we love our Polish allies. They were gallant and dedicated to destroying the enemy in the air. On the ground they were gay and amusing, sometimes tragic and forever loyal. It was a privilege to know them, fight with them and live with them. They added luster to the cause of freedom for which we were all fighting.

                                                                                                        G/C Douglas Bader CBE, DSO, DFC.

26 July 1940 M. Mumler6 Dec 1940 P. Laguna29 May1941 S. Witozenc25 Nov 1941 J. Kowalski26 Aug 1942 S. Lapka29 Apr 1943 W. Baranski 18 Oct 1943 W. Krol8 July1944 M. Duryasz31 Jan 1945 Z. Bienkowski25 Feb 1945 I. Olszewski24 Mar 1945 B. Kaczmarek2 Aug 1945 J. Szymankiewicz

10 July 1940 Leconsfield14 Nov 1940 Duxford 25 Sep 1940 Leconsfield 11 Oct 1940 Northolt23 Nov 1940 Westhampnett7 Apr 1941 Kenley28 May 1941 Jurby 7 Aug 1941 Church Staton5 Sep 1941 Warmwell1 Oct 1941 Church Staton7 Oct 1941 Harrowbeer (Devon)15 May 1942 Heston1 Feb 1943 Kirton in Lindsey15 Feb 1943 Hutton Cranswick15 June 1943 Perranporth19 Sep 1943 Northolt 1 Apr 1944 Deanland 24 Apr 1944 Chailey (Sussex)26 June 1944 Appledrom (Sussex)16 July 1944 Ford (Sussex) 3 Aug 1944 Plumetot (Calvad.) 1 Sep 1944 Fairwood Common 16 Sep 1944 Vendeville (France)2 Oct 1944 Deurne (Antwerp) 11 Oct 1944 St. Denys (East Flandres)13 Jan 1945 Grimbergen (Brabant) 9 Feb 1945 ALG Schindel 9 Mar 1945 Gilze Rijen (North Brabant) 13 Apr 1945 Nordhorn (Germany)30 Apr 1945 Vareellbusch 10 Sep 1945 Ahlhorn15 July 946 Porteath

28 July 1940 Hurricane I29 Sep 1941 Hurricane IIA, IIB30 Oct 1941 Spitfire VB22 Sep 1943 Spitfire IX1 Feb 1945 Spitfire XVI.

      Above: The 302 squadron's badge.

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