Most of these photographs were taken at Brindisi by F/Sgt Jozef Rutkiewicz (above) who was later lost over Denmark in Lancaster PA 163, while serving with 300 Sqdn out of Faldingworth. All of them appear here courtesy of Barry J. Raymond, military/local historian and author, as well as a keen WWII aviation enthusiast.

Left: J. Rutkiewicz leaning against a Halifax main wheel, giving a good perspective of its size. Right: The squadron's Halifax approaching landing.

Ground crew in front of  B24 Liberator I, R 101, in which very determined General Ludomil A. Rayski and his crew flew a daring mission to Warsaw on September 1st, 1944 (left to right): Jozef Wcislo, Jan Zdobylak, Tadeusz Lewandowski, Joszef Mierzwinski, Jozef Goscinski, Jan Musialik and Marian Bienia.

Main Entrance to the base. Armourers: (left to right) Jozef Mierzwinski, Jan Musialik, Jozef Materna and Wincenty Luczak

March 28, 1944. Poland's C-in-C, General Kazimierz Sosnkowski vist the unit on the Squadron Day.
Above: Always a part of such a visit was a parade performed by the units airmen. Below left: decorating memebers of the 301 Squadron. Below right: Visiting with the C-in-C was PAF's bishop Jozef Gawlina.

H.P. Halifax IIB, 0254. Picture shows ground technicians before a night mission to parachute supplies in dropping zones over Poland on 23rd August 1944. In this aircraft, Air Vice-Marshal Ludomil A. Rayski VM, KW, DSO, AFC, and his crew flew that night over Poland. The mission was most successful. From left: Jan Musialik, unknown engine fitter, Jozef Materna, Jozef Wcislo, Edward Stasiek and Jan Zdobylak.

August 1944. B24 Liberators of the 1586 Flight being readied for mission to Poland.

War trophy, Heinkel 111, taken care of by Polish ground crews at the end of 1943. This aircraft was repaired by the Poles and several joy flights for the ground crew were made by the 301 pilots. From left: Edmund Blachowiak, Piotr ?, unknown fitter, Marian Bienia and Edward Dobosz.


Below: group of five photographs of Handley Page Halifax IIA, JN 898 GR-K. All seem to be taken at the same occasion. No additional info available.